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Clear Zinc Stick SPF 30

zinc stick spf 30 natural mineral sunscreen zero waste


Aloha Sun Stick SPF 50+

aloha sun stick spf 50+ mineral natural sunscreen zero waste
Kolorowy sztyft przeciwsłoneczny

Aloha Care Story

As frequent travelers we have seen so many beautiful beaches full of plastic waste. We decided to make a step forward and create a sunscreen in plastic-free packaging, based mostly on natural ingredients – healthy for the skin and safe for the environment. Being surfers ourselves we understand the needs of water sports enthusiasts – we aimed to create a product that we would personally enjoy using – water resistant, easy to apply, with strong sun protection and simply fun!

Why choose our suncare products?

Our Aloha Sun Sticks provide high, mineral sun protection for your face, lips and sensitive areas even during long sessions in the water or on adventurous days. Formulated with natural ingredients, and only non-nano mineral filters. Designed for outdoor and nature lovers, in eco-friendly zero-waste packaging. Safe for corals according to the Hawaiian law and the American National Ocean Service. Made in compliance with restrictive EU regulations.

Sonnenschutz Aloha Care

Effective Sun Protection

Hoher Schutz vor UVB- und UVA-Strahlung. Die Der SPF-Faktor wurde von einem akkreditierten Labor nach den strengen EU-Vorschriften nachgewiesen.


mineralische Filter nur Sonnenschutzmittel aloha care

Mineral filters

Both sticks are based on mineral UV filters (titanium dioxide & zinc oxide) die einen mineralischen Schutzschild bildet. Zu Ihrer Sicherheit enthalten unsere Produkte keine Nanopartikel.

Riff-freundliches Sonnenschutzmittel Aloha Care


The formulas are ungiftig für Riffe gemäß dem hawaiianischen Gesetz. Wir suchen nach wirksamen Inhaltsstoffen, die für Meereslebewesen unbedenklich sind. 

Abfallfreies Sonnenschutzmittel Aloha Care

Umweltfreundliche, plastikfreie Papierhülse

Es besteht aus mehreren Lagen Kraftpapier, was es haltbar macht und auch mit nassen Händen benutzbar. FSC-zertifiziert.

wasserfester Sonnenschutzstift aloha care


The sunscreens formulas are laboratory verified as water-resistant. With the SPF 50+, thanks to the colours you can see how long the coating stays on your face:)

vegane und natürliche Aloha-Pflege

Vegan & Natürlich

Our Sun Sticks are formulated mostly with natural ingredients, do not contain jegliche Bestandteile tierischen Ursprungs and never were tested on animals🐰


Surf safe in color

How it works?

Step 1

Take off the cap

Step 2

Push up the bottom

Step 3

Put it on and surf safe in color!

Water Resistant & Marine Life Friendly

The sunscreen formula is verified as water resistant in the laboratory tests, as well as during our surfing sessions. The ingredients are checked as non-toxic to the aquatic life according to the NOAA guidelines and the Palau & Hawaii Reef Friendly Legislation.

Did you know?

According to the National Ocean Service which is part of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration several popular sunscreen ingredients may cause harm to marine life. That is why the Aloha Care products do not contain any of the following:

  • Oxybenzone, Avobenzone
  • Octocrylene, Octinoxate
  • Benzophenone-1,
  • Benzophenone-8,
  • OD-PABA,
  • 4-Methylbenzylidene camphor
  • 3-Benzylidene camphor
  • nano-Titanium dioxide
  • nano-Zinc oxide

How sunscreen chemicals enter our environment?

The sunscreen you apply may not stay on your skin – especially when we do water sports, swim, jump in the water, rub our body etc. Also, when we shower, sunscreen may wash off and enter our waterways.


    How sunscreen chemicals can affect marine life?

    • Green Algae: Can impair growth and photosynthesis.
    • Coral: Accumulates in tissues. Can induce bleaching, damage DNA, deform young, and even kill.
    • Mussels: Can induce defects in young.
    • Sea Urchins: Can damage immune and reproductive systems, and deform young.
    • Fish: Can decrease fertility and reproduction, and cause female characteristics in male fish.
    • Dolphins: Can accumulate in the tissue and be transferred to young.

    That is why it’s so important to read your sunscreen’s ingredient lists, educate your friends and choose products that are marine-life-friendly!

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